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  • Which web browser should I use?
    We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. When you use Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer, certain functionalities may not work optimally.
  • How do I sign up for the newsletter?
    Signing up for the newsletter is easy, just by typing in your email address and indicating the subdomain you are interested in. If you click on the "register" box, your registration will be sent and your e-mail address will automatically be included in our list. You will be kept informed of the latest evolutions.
  • How can I register
    You can register by clicking Register on the homepage. This will take you to the registration page, where you can then create an account. First select the type of account you want (client or therapist), then enter your first and last name. In the next step you will be asked for your e-mail address. Please note that this is a correct email address. This will be verified in the next step. Also keep in mind that the verification email may end up in your spam folder.After verifying your email address, create another strong password and accept the terms and conditions and privacy statement.
  • How can I log in?
    On the home page, click Log in. You can enter your details here.
  • What is a 2FA (2 factor authentication)?
    A 2FA is a necessary check to ensure the security of the platform. When registering, a code is sent once to the entered email address to check for authenticity. When logging in, the identity of the user is occasionally checked by sending an SMS code to the mobile phone. We try to keep this inconvenience to a minimum.
  • Can I deduct my subscription/license costs from my professional expenses?
    If you indicate that you want an invoice, you will receive it by email within 30 days. Please provide the correct administrative data as well as the VAT number. This invoice serves as proof of payment and can be integrated into your professional expenses.
  • How do I add a client?
    Once you are logged in, go to My clients on the left side of your dashboard. If you want to add a new client, click on the box Add a client at the top right. Fill in the email of the relevant client and click on send request. An invitation will be sent to the email address entered. As soon as the client has accepted this invitation, his image and name will appear in your dashboard and you can get started with it.
  • How do I create an exercise?
    Go to Get started! in your dashboard. There you will see 3 buttons: create a document, submit an exercise, create a customized therapy trajectory. Click on the desired button and follow the steps.
  • How do I use the video chat?
    As a therapist you go to my clients in your dashboard. There you click on the phone icon start conversation, next to the desired client. An invitation is sent to that client. As soon as the client has accepted the invitation, the connection is established.As a client you must be logged in to As soon as the healthcare provider requests a video call, the invitation will be visible in your dashboard. Click Accept.
  • How can I see and execute my assignments?
    After logging in, you will see today's tasks on your dashboard. Click on start and the exercise will appear. Go through all the steps. At the end you tell how difficult it was for you by clicking the appropriate ball and only then do you click on end exercise. This exercise disappears from the list of your tasks for today - unless you had to do them several times a day!
  • Are all exercises available to everyone?
    No, not really: exercises with a possible danger (e.g. choking), or very complicated exercises with a specific indication (e.g. voice plasticity) can only be done in a patient-therapist relationship, ie if they have been assigned to you by a registered therapist.
  • My mother had a brain haemorrhage, does apply to her?"
    Yes, sure! is primarily aimed at people with communication (voice, speech, language, hearing) and swallowing/feeding problems. If your mother has word-finding problems, she can expand her vocabulary and practice with the platform. If there is a hoarse voice due to, for example, vocal cord paralysis, she can practice her voice. If she is supervised by a therapist (speech therapist, physiotherapist, etc.) and who assigns her exercises that she must perform independently, that is also possible. If the therapist is registered on the platform, he/she can check your mother's exercises, or organize a video call, remotely.
  • What is the TAB?
    TAB stands for TelePHON Advisory Board. This is a select group of experts who provide the material offered with a quality label. This review process is similar to reviewing a manuscript and is completely anonymous.
  • What does such a review process entail?
    2 independent reviewers evaluate the material presented on specific criteria, such as originality, added value, degree of difficulty, etc. In case of extreme contradiction, a third independent reviewer is engaged. This process is completely anonymous.
  • How do I become a TAB member?
    The TelePHON Advisory Board is a selection of experts who monitor the quality of the material offered on the platform, for a modest fee. You can submit your candidacy by sending your CV or credentials and your choice of subdomain (for speech therapy: voice, speech, language, hearing, swallowing/nutrition) here. You will then receive a confirmation of your 'appointment' within 15 days.
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