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L'assistència digital certificada mèdicament per a la teràpia de la parla i el llenguatge en un entorn multidisciplinari

una eina per als proveïdors de salut i els que ho necessiten

From self-testing + recommendation
to independent practicing based on  biomarkers 

or be matched with the right  practitioner, when necessary.
In case of therapy, online and physical guidance is combined.

Our team streamlines and provides the most accurate guidance. 

Prevention and treatment

Those who practice more, achieve faster results.  That alone woks motivational. In surplus, reminder emails elicit a change in behavior and the many tools and media make training tangible and fun!

Monitoring and motivational

Use our secure platform to give/receive therapy.  Keep Messenger, Whatsapp, ... for private purposes.
This way you avoid being unpleasantly surprised or disturbed.

You decide when you work!

Work/life balance

Our log shows very nicely how someone adheres to therapy, which tasks and how those tasks have been fulfilled.

Read your client's involvement at a glance.

All this for mutual benefits!

Tangible results

Predetermined workflows bridge the gap between hospitals and the home situation. A colleague can easily take over during absence for leave, sickness or pregnancy.
The safe and secure teleconsultation tool is interactive and allows to adjust treatment from remote.
Enjoy the real time feedback through screensharing and real-time voice quality display, including spectrogram.

Continuous and interactive

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Security is a very important issue when it comes to sensitive personal data. Our certification as a Belgian medical device class 1 guarantees compliance with regulations, both on privacy and communication over the internet.

 Safe & Secure

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Cap a una societat on les persones amb (eventuals) problemes de veu, parla, llenguatge i deglució puguin participar plenament.

TelePHON digital medische app voor telelogopedie
TelePHON digital medische app voor telelogopedie
TelePHON digital medische app voor telelogopedie

Assistència personal

mitjançant activadors personalitzats

quan sigui i on sigui


Qui som

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Mieke Moerman

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Tom Steeland
SLP / Parkinson expert

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Ward Romanus
Software engineer 

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Advisory Board

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Wim Van der Smissen

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Xavier Keters

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RPR Gent
phone: 0032-477573987


April 2020

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