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Medically certified digital support for speech therapy

Ziekenfondsen vergoeden het gebruik van onze medische app

Mutualiteiten betalen terug
Mutualiteiten betalen terug
Mutualiteiten betalen terug
Mutualiteiten betalen terug

Een software platform voor zorgverleners en cliënten

videoconsultatie; logopedie online
Thanks to the use of our platform, you can easily group exercises and pass them on to different patients. So you need less time to reach more customers. More time to fill in with extra consultations, or just quality time with your family or friends

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By registering your client's (home) performance, you can keep them motivated between consultations. And of course, the more your client practices, the faster  progress will be made.

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drinken eten spreken slikken stem hees
By using you can keep work and private life separate. All exercises and results are passed on via the platform, and not via whatsapp or messenger, which you use for private purposes. You decide when you work.

Personal & work balance

therapeut arts
You can easily follow up the results via the logbook. This information will help you gain a better understanding of your client's progress. This also allows you to make quick adjustments if necessary. Of course, this will only benefit your client.

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Via our teleconsultation tool, you can get in touch with your client anytime and anywhere with our video call module. And because tasks are offered to your client day by day wherever they are, continuity of therapy is guaranteed.

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veilig en zeker_edited.jpg
Security is a very important point when it comes to sensitive personal data. Our Belgian certificate guarantees safety and security, both with regard to keeping data and the contact between therapist and client.

 Data Protection  

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Naar een maatschappij waarin mensen met (eventuele) stem-, spraak-, taal- en slikproblemen volwaardig kunnen participeren.

TelePHON digital medische app voor telelogopedie
TelePHON digital medische app voor telelogopedie
TelePHON digital medische app voor telelogopedie


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